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Welcome To Destin Mold Removal

Destin Mold Removal is a full service mold detection, cleanup and remediation company. We will advise, guide and assist you through the process of mold inspection, cleanup and restoration. Destin Mold Removal is an independent, local, owner-operated business. We care about the quality of our work because our customers are our neighbors.

Our remediation services include determining and eliminating the source of mold contamination, in-depth cleaning and disinfection of the affected areas and proper disposal of waste materials. Before any job is complete, we retest your indoor air quality to ensure the job was done right. Our main goal is to make your home or business safe and free of any air quality issues caused by mold.

Our Process



We provide mold inspections with the latestest infrared cameras and state of the art moisture meters to help identify problem areas quickly



Get the peace of mind you deserve. Have a conclusive, detailed mold growth test completed by local experts.



If  you need mold remediation, we provide professional service and treat your property if it was our own.

Why Choose Us

Destin Mold Removal is an owner-operated business. We didn’t buy into this business by purchasing a franchise. We’ve earned our credibility and reputation from taking care of our clients in a way that’s unique to owner-operated businesses. We do business the way we know we should, not according to a franchise agreement.

We are able to offer competitive prices because we don’t have to pay high franchise fees like some of our competitors. We built our business model around providing quality mold detection and remediation at an affordable price.


Don’t wonder if you have mold, find out for sure. Call us at (850) 231-0011 for an initial consultation.


24/7 Emergency Response Team


Certified Mold Assessor license


Superior Customer Service


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Do you suspect that your home or business has a mold problem?

Call Destin Mold Removal for an initial inspection and consultation. If we think it’s necessary, we will give you a quote for mold testing. Our air quality tests are examined by an independent, third party laboratory. Based on the results, we can guide you through a treatment plan.

Does your home or business have visible signs of mold growth?

Trademarks of mold presence are dark spots on walls and ceilings, and a strong musty smell. Sometimes those problems can be remedied by a good cleaning and air circulation. However, sometimes those are symptoms of larger issues which need to be professionally remediated. We know the difference.

Are you considering purchasing a home or condo and to make sure it’s mold-free?

Many bank owned homes and condos being sold today have been neglected by previous owners. Properties that have been sitting for months without air conditioning or proper ventilation are susceptible to mold issues. Before snatching up a real estate deal that may turn into a real estate nightmare, let us perform an air quality test. Results are available in about 2 days and are relatively inexpensive.

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