We are owner-operated.

Destin Mold Removal is an owner-operated business. We didn’t buy into this business by purchasing a franchise. We’ve earned our credibility and reputation from taking care of our clients in a way that’s unique to owner-operated businesses. We do business the way we know we should, not according to a franchise agreement.

We are independent.

We are able to offer competitive prices because we don’t have to pay high franchise fees like some of our competitors. We built our business model around providing quality mold detection and remediation at an affordable price.

We are local.

The owners of Destin Mold Removal are all from the South Walton and Destin, Florida area. We take pride in our community because our customers are also our neighbors.

Destin Mold Removal Owners:



We focus on superior customer service. No one with a potential mold problem is happy about it. We understand that our customers are under a lot of stress. We will work to get your home or business back the way you want it, in a timely manner. We will communicate openly and honestly.

We are knowledgable.

Destin Mold Removal is a certified Residential Mold Remediation company and holds a Certified Mold Assessor license. We are a member of MICRO, the Mold Inspection, Consulting and Remediation Organization. Our owners are continuously growing their industry knowledge by attending training courses and industry symposiums to expand their expertise. Each job is overseen by a certified mold remediator.

Don’t wonder if you have mold, find out for sure. Call for an initial consultation with one of our certified mold remediators. 850-231-0011


24/7 Emergency Response Team


Certified Mold Assessor license


Superior Customer Service

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